"Tessa made bat, pumpkin and ghost cupcakes for my Halloween party. I don't even have pictures because they were such a hit. They were the most moist and delicious cupcakes I've ever had. I asked her to use less sugar (I'm one of those) and they turned out amazing. I will use Tessa for all my baking needs. Thanks again Tessa."
Anjali Assomull
"Tessa made a beautiful cake for my daughter's birthday. Everyone loved the moist cake and the fluffy icing. I am already putting in another order."
Anjali Assomull
"Thank you so much for the cake. Loved everything about it, from the image to the taste. Everyone from my party asked for more and there was plenty to go around. I would definitely recommend Tessy Cake Delights to my friends. Thanks again!"
"The cake was amazing!!!!! All the guests at the baby shower wanted seconds. I was very impressed with the taste and the decor."
"I had the PLEASURE of eating a sweet sixteen, pillow designed cake with a tiara topper on July 7th,2015. The cake was beautiful and moist. It was so tasty that I had to buy more cakes from Tessy. A few days later, I purchased a black cake. I thought it would last the weekend but not a chance. EVERYONE LOVED IT. Today I'm going to order another. If you didn't have the pleasure of eating a Tessy's Cake Delights' cake, you are DEFINITELY missing out. "
Tammy Henry
"I had a cake made for my son's 7th birthday. It was a vanilla cake with an OKC Thunder theme. The cake was so delicious people were asking me for cake days later. Everyone raved how good the cake was and the cupcakes. My husband who rarely eat sweets had cake 3 days in a row!!! The cake definitely was one of the top 10 best talked about things at the party...."
Macdaly Owens
"I tried those delightful red velvet cupcakes over Easter. Now I can't stop thinking of them, not sweet and the icing, well, I usually scrap that off because it's always too sweet, but surprisingly it was not. Will recommend your cupcakes to everyone. These were the best version of red velvet cupcakes I have ever had. Will be ordering in the near future, bet on that!!!"
"Tessy baked my niece the most delicious RED VELVET CAKE...How "sweet" it is to have a cake baked by you. Until next time, thank you Tessy."
Sandra Eustache
"On March 1, 2014, Tessy made me a red velvet cake for my birthday party. I notice that she has a picture of it on her website's main page (it's the pretty blue one) I thought that if people freeze wedding cakes why not a red velvet, which I did. Today is my BD (3/3/15) and I had my first slice. All I can say is WOW! IT IS SO GOOD!!"
Marguerite Porter
"Since my husband and I started having children we've been ordering and definitely enjoying Tessy's Cakes!! From Elmo to Dora the Explorer to SpongeBob Square Pants to Princess Cakes to her very famous delicious Red Velvet cake!!! We love Tessy's Cakes!!! We're going to continue the tradition!! Definitely going to continually spread the word!!! "
Robert & Jay Goulbourne via Kathleen Goulbourne
"Well I must say, we ordered two cakes; the first was a red velvet cake and the second was a fruit cake. The red velvet cake had awesome texture and taste. It is not a one slicer, if I can coin a new phrase. My daughters were at a relative's house during the Thanksgiving holiday, where they also had another red velvet cake from another vendor. They told their mother "Mom this cake doesn't even come close to Tessy's". We are a fitness oriented family and I must admit, Tessy's cakes have become a thing of contention because they are so good. I recommend that you give Tessy's cakes a try, you will not be disappointed. Practice some restraint because the cakes are that good. You will always want another slice!"
Rachelle & Wayne Richards
"I recently ordered a Red Velvet cake for my birthday. It was Amazing!!! Thank You Tessy!"
Beverly Richards
"I ordered a Tessy's cake for my two-year old son's birthday. It was a Yo Gabba Gabba theme cake. I must say that I was very please with the art of the cake; it was done so perfect. The cake was made with chocolate and vanilla which melted right away in our mouths. It was soft, not too sweet, and delicious. I would recommend anyone to order Tessy's cakes."
Makeda omiss
"I can't get enough of your cake. I don't like to share it but I do because everyone needs to know about the awesome job you guys do with your cakes. My birthday cake was made by you guys for the last 3 years and it's always a hit, 5 stars. Can't wait to order from you guys again; always a pleasure doing business with you guys. Keep up the excellent job. I know where my wedding cake will come from..."
Matthaus Lovell
"I ordered Tessy's red velvet, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for my nieces. I recommend anyone who is looking for the right taste, flavor and beauty in cupcakes and cakes well made to go to Tessy. I am so happy with my order that I had to put the word out there. I can't wait to place more orders."
"Just one more thing....lemon cake....amazing...enough said."
Vanessa P
"My four year old daughter ordered the marble cake for my birthday. It was simply beautiful. There was not a crumb left when we were done eating. The cake was well decorated. I couldn't stop eating. It was moist and nice. Unfortunately, I had to share it with my aunt and friends. One of my friends texted me and said thanks for the cake it was beautiful and delicious. As much as I enjoyed this cake, my favorite however is Tessy's red velvet cake."
Cathy Ann Watts
"On March 1st of this year I had the honor of having Tessa bake the cakes for my 65th Birthday party. I did not want to see them until the night of my party. All I can say is that they are outstanding! She out did herself! Not only do they look amazing so was the taste. My guests are still wanting more. To see what I am talking about, please visit my face book page. Tessa you never disappoint! Outstanding JOB!"
Marguerite Porter
"Tessy's cakes are just perfect. My family ordered a cake for our parents' 50th wedding anniversary; it was tasty, moist, and a beautiful looking cake. Tessy's cake business is dependable. She always delivers on time, just as promised. "
Roslyn Maynard
"The cake we ordered from Tessy cake for my son's first birthday was not only beautiful but it was delicious! The yellow cake is AWESOME. Thank you so much Tessa for such a special addition to his birthday!!"
Amanda Schneider
"I'm Bacccckk!!!!. Tessy did it again. I had a Zebra print theme for my birthday. Everything was above and beyond my expectations. I taste the passion that went into making these delights. See you soon. Thanks"
Sandra Eustache
"What can I say about Tessy's. That her cakes are truely a "Tastee Delight" I ordered Mickey Mouse clubhouse cake and cupcakes and it was amazing. The detail to the clubhouse was just amazing. The cake was very delicious. My guests could not stop talking about how delicious the cake taste. Thank you Tessy. Looking forward to ordering many more cakes."
Sandra Eustache
"I had the Red Velvet cake, it was Moist and Delicious. Highly Recommended, No Occasion necessary Treat Yourself."
Keith A.
"Hi Tess, your strawberry-short cake was delicious and mouth watering,. I know that you put your heart and soul into that cake, and I will highly recommend tessycakedelights to all my friends and family. Best wishes. Darin Dove----"
darin dove
"I have ordered multiple cakes from Tessy and they never, ever disappoint. I recently ordered a red velvet sheet cake for my daughter's 9th birthday party and that cake did not last but a few seconds, I had to get the crumbs from the box. Cake was DELICIOUS, MOIST and flavorful. Tessy is the only cake I get. Trust me when you get one of her cakes the first question your guest will ask (with a mouth full of cake) is "Where did you get this from?" I am not recommending you get a cake from Tessy...I am demanding you do, you will be not be disappointed :-)"
Rodneil Harris
"I've ordered two cakes from Tessy's Cake Delights. I ordered "The Bear on Boxes & The Winter Wonderland ". I love the fact that Tessa takes the time to listens to what you want. She aims to please. All I can say is such a superb job. The detail on both cakes were amazing, also very tasty. Both cakes were the talk at both functions. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Tessy's Cake Delights. The BEST!"
"OMG I purchased tessycakedelights cupcakes today @ an event in the Hamptons & boy was I impressed...super moist & yummy...I look forward to having them again!!!!"
Andrea Gates
"I ordered two cakes for my daughters 3rd birthday. One was a "Brobee" cake and the other a Hello Kitty Cake, both made up of mini cup cakes. The detailing was wonderful! All My guests were amazed that the cake was actually mini cupcakes and they were delicious! Also, being a working mother with limited time, I really appreciate the ease of communication. Most of my arrangements were made virtually and Tessy was very responsive! Thanks for a wonderful experience!"
Karen Eustache
"I ordered a red velvet cake for my son's high school graduation...the cake was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!! The texture was great and the cake was great in flavor. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED1!!"
"I was in love with the pink, red and blue velvet cupcakes I tasted at a vendor show that I had to have them again. They were not too sweet or chocolatey and they were rich and smooth. My guests LOVED the red and blue velvet cupcakes for my daughter's birthday party and we can't wait to taste the cake. Thanks SOOO much for everything Tessy, you are my GO TO GIRL and recommendation for ANY and EVERYONE who needs any kind of desserts!"
Melisande Mathurin
"Tessy's cakes are FABULOUS! We started with a cake for my son's 1st birthday...that was two years ago, and since then we've gotten cakes, cupcakes, pies, etc. for baptisms, birthdays, holiday parties AND just to have around...there's nothing she can't do. Not only do the cakes look beyond amazing, but they are delicious as well. I HIGHLY recommend!!!"
Vanessa P
"I ordered a cake from Tessy for my now 15 year old daughter Chevina and WOW ! The cake was AMAZING ! It was the BEST cake I've every tasted. Everyone LOVED it ! I totally recommend that EVERYONE try a cake from Tessy. It's just wonderful !"
"Tessy made me a GREATTTT chocolate cake for my 21st birthday. It was very tasty and rich. I loved it. If you need a cake or anything, TESSY's your girl. :)"
Kennard Valentine

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